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With the combination of graphics and text as the presentation style, Hengtong logo fully reflects the overall sense of the logo, as well as Hengtong Group's corporate philosophy.

The graphic part of the logo is made up of the letter "H" constituted by two triangles illation, as the first letter of the abbreviation "HTGD" it is tilted to one side, forming a strong visual effect of upward infinite space, symbolizing accessibility and loftiness. Overall graphics is just like a ship sailing in the sea, riding wind and breaking waves.

The two triangles constituting "H" represent Hengtong Group's talent and technology respectively, and also show joining hands with the clients to promote win-win development. The strong upward tilt with dynamic symbolizes development vitality and progress of the Group.

There are changes in the thickness of arc lines, bringing a feeling of space expansion and spatial vision, symbolizing the high speed, high quality, high tech features of Hengtong Group business; reflecting the Group marching toward the world, and also embodying the employees tightly uniting around the Group, through joint efforts to achieve common progress. The English abbreviation "HTGD" combined with the arc, better matches the international market。

The logo selects and uses two colors of red and gray. The red color shows the dynamic and prosperity of the Group, while the grey color gives a sense of wisdom and steadiness, making people feel that Hengtong Group is a rational, prudent and creditable enterprise.