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world's first flexible DC±535kV submarine cable with 90℃ insulation material passed the test

Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd. cooperated with its partners and made the world's first flexible DC±535kV cable using domestic XLPE insulation material with the highest operating temperature of 90℃, which successfully passed the type test.


It is understood that the flexible DC submarine cable has the remarkable characteristics of large transmission capacity, long transmission distance, high system stability and excellent comprehensive economy efficiency.


The DC 535kV flexible submarine cable developed this time has three major breakthroughs. First, it breaks through the control of special-shaped conductor single wire drawing, overcoming the problem of drawing and annealing continuously, improving the delivery capacity of large-length HVDC submarine cable orders, filling the technical gap in this field in China.

The second is to break through the flexible DC capacity, large cross-section special-shaped single wire conductor stranding: 127-frame stranding machine, the largest frame stranding machine in China, solved the large cross-section special-shaped single wire stranding and deep water blocking technology problems, successfully trial-produced domestic circular compacted special-shaped conductor with maximum cross-section of 3000mm2.

Lastly it broke through the flexible DC improve reliability problem, domestic insulation material extrusion and degassing: to verify the maturity and reliability of 535 kV flexible DC cable temperature 90℃ domestic insulation material extrusion and degassing process , broke the foreign technical bottlenecks and the blockade, and has realized localized production of flexible 535 kV DC submarine cable, reached the international advanced level.

Compared with the 70℃ DC insulation material, the ±535kV flexible DC cable produced with 90℃ DC insulation material contributes to the improvement of clean energy economy and the realization of the global carbon emission target in China. Making a contribution to the development of the Maritime Silk Road, Marine economy, and the construction of a maritime power.

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