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Hengtong Delivers the First 220kV Submarine Cable of Shenquan-400MW Offshore Wind Farm Project

On February 11, the "Hengtong Cable V" construction vessel of Hengtong Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. was berthed at the terminal of Hengtong International Marine Industrial Park to connect with a 220kV XLPE submarine cable. This batch of ultra-high-voltage submarine cables, together with "Hengtong Cable V", will go to the site of a 400MW offshore wind farm project of SPIC in Jieyang, Guangdong Province, and the laying project will be completed by the "Hengtong Cable V".

Guangdong Jieyang Shenquan -- 400MW Offshore Wind Farm Project is located in the southern sea area of Shenquan Town, Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. It is an offshore wind farm invested and constructed by SPIC Guangdong Electric Power Co., Ltd. The project plans to install 73 fans with an annual on-grid power of 1.274 billion kWh. The ultra-high voltage submarine cables used in the project are all provided by Hengtong. Among them, the 220kV (3*500 ㎜ ²) optical-electric composite submarine cables are used as the "aorta" for the wind farm transmission, connecting all wind power to the centralized control center through the 220kV submarine cables, and then sending electric energy to thousands of households.

After six months of production and manufacturing, under the joint witness of the owners, supervision units, etc., the batch of submarine cables successfully passed the handover test. The 36.795km 220kv XLPE submarine cable guaranteed the operation of project on schedule.


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